Why Board Book Printing Is Gaining Popularity By Inkasiapress.


Due to numerous benefits to the toddlers, board book printing is gaining popularity. With the introduction of smartphones, families have become less interested in books. In that scenario, board books provide refreshing changes to parents, teachers as well as children. It makes basic blocks of learning much easier. Thus, the sales of board books are also at a spike. You can even print board books by self-publishing and that is gaining interest across the world. 

Sizes of Board books

Unlike printing compendiums, printing board books is quite different. The size of a board book is smaller than even the regular book size of a kid. Generally, the sizes range from 6 x 6″, 7 x 7″, and 8 x 8″. Different sizes are allotted to different age children. The smaller ones are better for the toddlers as they find it easy to hold and open.

Covers of Board books

Before printing Board books, it is essential to decide their cover. Usually, there are two types of board book covers, one is a self-cover where the cover paper and interior papers are the same. The other one is the one that has a hinge near the spine. Usually, the regular hardcover is used in the board books. 

The difference between Board book printing with other books

  1. Each sheet of a board book is around 0.5-1mm thickness due to which it becomes difficult for the baby to fold and tear.
  2. The corners of board books are round and completely safe for babies.
  3. The two pages of the book can be opened lay flat due to which it becomes easier for the baby to handle the book.
  4. In a single spread, there are two pages. Usually, the page count is 7-16 spreads that imply 14 to 32 pages.
  5. In most of the books film lamination or glossy UV varnish is done on almost all the pages.
  6. Usually, it contains more images than the texts. 

Cost to print a Board book

Printing a board book is naturally expensive than printing a regular book as the printing process is totally different from regular binding machines. Special binding equipment is used for the process. Usually, babies and toddlers impart a force on the books and try to fold and tear it, so the board books use strong cardboards that make them resilient and are able to withstand the force. Thus, the cost will completely depend on the cover that you choose as well as the paper board that you chose for the board books.

There are two types of the paper board that are used in the board books. One is the Gray board that is compressed cardboard. It consists of gray fibers with a clean white laminated exterior. Whereas the other type of board is the whiteboard. It is quite similar to the gray board the only difference is that it is made out of white fibers. As they are of more superior quality so they are more expensive. Hence your cost of printing board books will also depend on the type of board you want to use for printing. 

If you want something refreshing for your child, then either print custom made books for them or print board books. This will not only provide a change to the learning for the child but it relieves them from technical objects around them. It is always advisable that you choose an experienced printer who uses the right equipment and provide you access to the right paperboard.

Did you gain interest in printing your board books for your toddler? Go ahead and get it done right now!

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