How To Print Novels, Catalogues, and Diaries In Australia


Have you written a novel and wondering how to print a novel? Do you want to print catalogues for your business? No, more dilemma, just follow the 5 simple and easy steps mentioned here. By these, you can very easily take your ideas to the reader’s hands.

Here are the steps that you can follow to print Novel

  1. Get ready for your Book cover: Print Novel covers or printer diaries covers are very different from ebook covers. In case you have an ebook cover then still it is not enough. It is not easy to design the cover correctly by yourself. You might need a designer by profession to do so. It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional for designing the cover. 

Whether it is about a novel or about printing Children’s books, the cover has three important parts. They are the front cover, back cover, and spine of the book cover. The designer will size it according to the page count and the trim size. So, you have to provide both these numbers to your designer. Usually, specs may differ as per the printers so mention your requirements clearly.

Color: Generally, people prefer to keep high-res–at least 300 dpi. Only if this size is maintained the cover will not appear blur. In this process, you should not make the image of lower resolution bigger without it getting pixelated. Similarly, the colors that you opt for must be CMYK for print instead of RGB for the web. That means the ebook might have RGB colors but that can’t be placed correctly on a canvas of the right size.

Fonts: Only specific fonts must be used while printing the cover of Novels. The fonts must be embedded and the printer may also specify the bleed measurement in case the cover artwork intends to reach the edge of the cover. Once the design is decided the designer will use software to compress a file under the required size and save the cover to printer-specific that is prepress settings.

  1. Frame the interior file: When you want to print a Journal or Novel and took that to the printer, then you must submit two files; the cover and the interior of the book. The interior file is in PDF. It is the designed version of the manuscript. Earlier you needed a graphic designer to format the layout of the book using software but nowadays you can also it yourself by using some specific software.
  1. Decide the Trim size: The price of printing depends on the size of the book along with some other factors. Before you hire a professional for designing your cover or before sending the novel to print you must decide the size. Usually, the sizes for a small paperback includes 5.5×8.5, 6×9, 4.25×7, and 5×8.
  1. Make the decisions regarding Aesthetics: Whether you want a gloss, matt, or cloth cover, will ultimately decide the aesthetic of your novel. Each one has different requirements and accordingly, the printing price will also differ. Apart from that, you have to decide whether it will be perfect bound or saddle-stitched or you want a duplex or single cover. You have to also decide whether the novel will have hardback or paperback. Only after considering all these elements, you can format the overall price of printing.
  1. Know the page count: It is quite obvious the price of printing as well as the cover size depends upon the page count of a novel. That’s the reason the cost of printing catalogs of a few pages and novels differs.

These steps will certainly help you to undergo the factors that are required to print novels, catalogues, or journals. Now, why to delay print? It is so simple and easy to print your own novel!


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